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The Person Next To You Could Already Be Using Apple's iOS 7

The Person Next To You Could Already Be Using Apple's iOS 7

May 8, 2013
It has been rumored for months, but now there is hard evidence that iOS 7 is real. Onswipe, the mobile site conversion company, has seen a big spike in traffic to their partner sites from devices using iOS 7 in recent days. This comes just a month before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins, according to TechCrunch. The spikes have occurred, not surprisingly, in areas of California. They state that San Francisco had the most iOS 7 visits, with 18.75 percent, while Cupertino account for 17.9 percent of the total. Of those visitors, 75 percent were using iOS 7 iPhones, with 25 percent on iPads. What were the folks using iOS 7 doing with their devices? According to TechCrunch:
Onswipe found that iOS 7′s pioneer users were interested in finding out about which turntable to buyVine’s recent update that allows for selfie vids, Apple’s stock price drama and Kid Cudi. Maybe those Onswipe-enabled sites are particularly well-tuned for stress testing the next version of Safari, or maybe that’s just the kind of stuff Apple engineers are into.
Apple is likely to demo iOS 7 during the WWDC keynote on Monday, June 10. From there, if past practices hold, a beta will be released for iOS developers. The first public release of iOS 7 probably won’t occur until the so-called “iPhone 5S” is released in September or October. See also: New Concept Outlines Enhanced iOS 7 App Switcher, and Countdown Is On For Jonathan Ive’s New Baby, iOS 7.

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