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Today's Best Apps: Sorcery, Pheebo TV, Listacular And More

Today's Best Apps: Sorcery, Pheebo TV, Listacular And More

May 3, 2013
The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday. Remember: Even though in-app purchases typically require your iTunes Store password for processing, you can further prevent them and other unauthorized actions by enabling local restrictions using the passcode locked iOS parental controls.


Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext by Andrew McKinney (Free, 5.0 MB): This simple and elegant task management app makes it easy to keep track of and reminded about those many items you need to do. Within each list, you can have items and sub-items of three different types: plain text, bulleted, and checkbox. Entering a new entry is as simple as a single tap or Return since the app automatically jumps lines to items when logical. The type and indentation, as in sub-items, are available as push button toggles above the input box. To actually manage notes, all it requires is a swipe. A drag to the right on an item or sub-item to toggle the checkbox or deletes. Drag rightward on a checkbox entry and a due date option appears. If you've chosen to link to Dropbox, pulling downward on a list will initiate a sync. Suffice it to say, management couldn't be much quicker or easier, which you probably can't say about actually completing the tasks. The free version allows up to three lists, but $2.99 will get you an unlimited access premium level.


Pheebo TV by Arthur Matiossian (Free, 4.5 MB): This handy video browser and player provides access to many popular public video channels all in a single place. That means, you can go from checking out the latest viral videos and those shared by your friends on Facebook to learning something new through the Discovery Channel and AppAdvice Daily, plus much more using just a few taps. The app features previews, favorites and sorting, AirPlay support, as well as more than 200 channels via social network and public feeds, including NASA, Animal Planet, Disney, Kid Proof, TMZ, USA Today, The White House, CNN, ESPN, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, The Food Network, Apple, Coachella, The Oscars, and too many others to list.

Penny Pincher by William Handy (Free, 10.7 MB): In this partially educational action-arcade game, have fun with a unique challenge of coin counting to create a virtual piggy bank of savings. Instead of just requiring you to select the proper coins, there will be a few out of the ordinary guidelines. To reach the target goal of each difficulty level, link pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters spread across the screen that add up to or are greater than the amount. In addition to gaps, certain paths will be denied, forcing you to try a different chain construction. As you deposit coins, more will be added to the table until the timer expires. The game features 2-D graphics, cumulative statistics, progressive difficulty, Game Center leaderboards and achievements, as well as one unlimited and three timed play modes.

Oh My Heroes! by Triniti Interactive Limited ($0.99, 19.9 MB): If you're a fan of games such as Castle Crashers, then you'll want to check out this short-play online hack and slash arcade experience. As one of the differentially skilled small heroes, help destroy the opposite squad in team-based death matches, assist with claiming and defending the crystals in team-based King of the Hill-style survival scenarios, or take part in a complete massacre of all players during the no allies death matches. As long as you or your team scores some points, there's a reward of crystals awaiting. Crystals can be traded to unlock other heroes and more special abilities. The game features cartoon-style 2-D graphics, the aforementioned three play modes, retro dual-thumb control, five heroes with two bonus abilities each, and Game Center integration. The app requires an Internet connection and each match only lasts a few minutes.

Sorcery! by inkle ($4.99, 105.2 MB): Formed from a collaboration of great entertainment minds, this RPG has the beauty of a comic book and the captivation of a text adventure. As a noble and powerful warrior of the medieval period, it's your duty and desire to defend the kingdom from any and all evil. The story has been written, but not been told. You alone will make the choices of success or demise, causing turning points the journey as it progresses. Plan carefully, decide wisely, and combat efficiently. The game features wonderful hand drawn graphics, user directed story with thousands of choices, and single finger control throughout multiple play mechanics, including spell casting and turn-based battles.

Dark Avenger by GAMEVIL Inc. (Free, 48.6 MB): Enjoy hacking and slashing swarms of demonic warriors in this action-packed dungeon crawler. As a talented duel sword wielding templar, your confidence may be high at first, but there will be plenty of difficult enemies to face throughout many battles. Make your way through the dangerous labyrinth of the underground in a 60 stage single player campaign, fight through incredibly challenging waves of creatures in the survival-style Infinite Tower mode, or compete head-to-head against another human player in Death Match mode. The game features 3-D graphics, dramatic soundtrack, a leveling up system to improve skills, dual-thumb controls, and online leaderboards.

Star Command by Star Command, LLC ($2.99, 113.4 MB): Prove your management and strategy skills as ship's captain in this quirky sci-fi simulation game. Rather than coordinating the strike force of a fleet, your duty is directing and expanding the crew, as well as constructing, maintaining, and enhancing your single vessel. Of course, there will still be increasingly difficult battle scenarios that require the aforementioned strategy skills, but most of your focus will be commanding the multi-roomed ship as if it were a large house or tiny city. The game features pixelated Retina display optimized graphics, three crewmen positions to manage, four different ship types to unlock, upgradeable systems and skills, as well as more than 10 alien species to interact with.

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