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Yap.TV Launches Its Own Music Discovery App Called Yap Music

Yap.TV Launches Its Own Music Discovery App Called Yap Music

May 22, 2013
Yap.TV has launched a new iPhone app. Yap Music is now available in the App Store. Helping users “discover beats in a whole new way,” the free app relies heavily on Facebook integration. In fact, if you don’t have an account with the social network, you can’t use Yap Music. The service uses this integration to match bands and artists with “likes” already made by the user. This information is also used to link to the artists your friends follow. Beyond this, Yap Music offers a “Search & Discovery” service, a global stream for specific music genres, and of course, plenty of music clips. You can also buy songs and albums through iTunes links. Take a look:

Until we actually take a look at Yap Music, we’ll certainly reserve judgment. However, its heavy reliance on Facebook does cause us to pause. At the minimum, Yap should have made Facebook integration optional. Better still, they should have given users a choice of social networks for which to integrate. Yap Music is available for download here. See also: Song Skipping Reportedly The Cause Of Halt In iRadio Negotiation, and Pandora Radio For iOS Updated With Facebook Sharing Plus Other Features. Note: This post was updated to reflect Yap Music's availability.  

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