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Add MultiPLX To The List Of Google Reader Replacements Worth Checking Out

Add MultiPLX To The List Of Google Reader Replacements Worth Checking Out

June 25, 2013
With Google Reader going offline July 1, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that yet another alternative has launched. Multiplx is a new reader tool that is now available in beta format via the Web. The first thing you'll notice about MultiPLX is that it wasn’t created in a vacuum. From the get-go, it is clear that the service was built to make the transition from Google’s product as easy as possible. In addition to being able to import Reader feeds with ease, MultiPLX also makes it possible to bring over previously starred, liked, and shared items. It also supports popular Google Reader features like marking all items as read, and seeing starred, liked, and shared items on separate pages. Want to add a feed? Use a "PLX" button on the browser's bookmark bar, or simply add the site manually. One of MultiPLX’s most promising features is the ability to share folders via a user-created “public page.” From these pages friends can add the same folder into their timeline via RSS links. Here's a the link to a public page that I created. Other current features include the ability to import website gadgets and blog widgets, save items to Pocket, and the option to hide the sharing bar. MultiPLX also includes an API for developers. Upcoming features include:
  • Full SSL support
  • Searching within your timelines
  • Social authentication
  • More customization and sharing options
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Being a beta, MultiPLX isn't perfect, nor do its creators claim it to be. For one, while the service looks absolutely stunning on a tablet via a mobile browser, on a smartphone it seems less robust. In addition, some pages don't always refresh as expected. Regardless of these temporary difficulties, I'd recommend adding MultiPLX to the list of newsreaders you should take for a spin. For more information on MultiPLX or to sign up, click here. See also: NetNewsWire Beta Is Now Available For Mac, Just Days Before Google Reader Goes OfflineAOL Reader To Launch On Monday, One Week Before The Demise Of Google Reader, and Newsify Updated With Feedly Cloud Support Ahead Of Google Reader Shutdown.

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