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App Camp For Girls Hopes To Get More Girls Coding iOS Apps

App Camp For Girls Hopes To Get More Girls Coding iOS Apps

June 5, 2013
App Camp for Girls is an exciting, new project that aims to "address the gender imbalance among software developers" by giving girls the chance to learn how to create, code, and publish applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, under the supervision of experienced women developers. Currently seeking sponsorship via an Indiegogo campaign, App Camp for Girls plans to hold its inaugural sessions in Portland, Ore. this summer, provided the project reaches its funding goal of $50,000. Jane MacDonald, App Camp for Girls founder, explains:
The idea for App Camp for Girls came to me when I was at the Apple developers' conference [WWDC]. I was in a session with over 1,000 developers, and I realized from where I was sitting I couldn't even see another woman, not unless I stood up and looked around to find one. And that's when I realized: there's so few women creating iPhone and iPad apps.
The aforementioned $50,000 will help the non-profit organization purchase the necessary hardware and software, while also securing legal services and insurance. Once launched, however, App Camp for Girls has the schedule for its first sessions already figured out:
The weeklong session covers the process from brainstorming an app idea to marketing the finished app. Girls will learn how to sketch out and storyboard their app ideas. The project team leaders will take the refined app storyboards and show the girls how apps are built in Xcode. The girls will have an opportunity for hands-on time with Xcode Storyboards and will learn how to customize the content of their app.
For more information, including the option of backing App Camp for Girls, take a look at the project's Indiegogo page. As of this writing, the project has secured almost $20,000 of its $50,000 goal, with 42 days remaining. Alternatively, see: AT&T Continues 4G LTE Network Expansion, Adds 16 New MarketsLast But Not Least: Hacked Sprint Carrier Update Offers Improved Cellular Performance, and Time Warner Cable Looking To Launch An App For Apple TV.

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