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Apps In iOS 7 Want To Make Sure It's Okay To Access ... Your Microphone?

Apps In iOS 7 Want To Make Sure It's Okay To Access ... Your Microphone?

June 13, 2013

Just as apps have been asking our permission to access our Location, Photos, and Contacts (just to name a few), a new prompt has been popping up in some apps in iOS 7.

This time, the apps want access to our microphone.

Developers were forced to implement these prompts because users were concerned about apps accessing things without their knowledge. Now it seems more and more prompts are being insisted upon. But where does the line get drawn?

What’s next? Access to your Camera to take photos? (If you purchased your device in China, then you already get that too, by the way. Ouch.)

I don’t want to download a new app for the first time and have to allow or deny a plethora of things off the bat. What an awful user experience.

If an app is sending notifications (like to Twitter, Facebook, or your address book), that’s one thing, but I don’t care if an application accesses my microphone. Why should I?

It’s curious that, though obtrusive and pointless to some, all of the prompts for apps in iOS make sense for privacy and security reasons, yet this new microphone prompt does not.

Note: In case I need to be more clear, yes, I realize this is already noted in the iOS 7 beta release notes, but the notes give no explanation.

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