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Could A Jailbreak Solution For iOS 7 Already Be In The Works?

With only a couple of betas available so far, it would be surprising to hear that a jailbreak solution for iOS 7 is progressing nicely. Though a recent Twitter update from renowned jailbreaker Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) doesn't outright announce the forthcoming availability of a new, iOS 7-compatible jailbreak tool, it does suggest that something big is soon to launch. Hill notes that he has "a lot of amazing things" coming soon, and urges his fan base to "think bigger than jailbreak." Bigger? How much bigger? Though iDownloadBlog envisages that a bootrom exploit capable of jailbreaking any iDevice, regardless of firmware, could be in the works, Hill's Twitter update leaves a lot to the imagination. Some, for example, have suggested that Hill is referring to an iOS 7 jailbreak, while others argue that the announcement could have nothing to do with the jailbreak scene as we know it. Either way, it would seem that iDevice owners familiar with Joshua Hill's work have a lot to look forward to. Hopefully Hill's news, once it's unveiled, won't disappoint. For more jailbreak related news, see: Cydia Tweak: Use Gestures To Adjust Brightness, Volume And More With DoubleTapCydia Tweak: NativeQR, Decode Camera Add A QR Scanner To The Camera App, and Cydia Tweak: Vox Offers iDevice Owners A New, Minimalistic Battery Indicator.