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Could Native LinkedIn Sharing Be Heading To iOS 7?

Could Native LinkedIn Sharing Be Heading To iOS 7?

June 11, 2013
Apple's OS X Mavericks is set to offer native LinkedIn sharing, allowing users to enable single sign-on for the service and to easily post to the professional social network from a Mac computer. While Apple didn't officially announce LinkedIn sharing for iOS 7, according to iDownloadBlog's unidentified "sources," this feature could launch in the forthcoming months. At Apple's Developer website, the company explains LinkedIn integration for OS X Mavericks:
Make it easy for users to post links and access their LinkedIn profiles directly from your app. With single sign-on in OS X Mavericks, users can sign into their account once and stay connected with their professional networks.
In addition, iDownloadBlog's source added that both Flickr and Vimeo integration are also incoming - something that iOS 7's Settings app indeed indicates. Earlier today, we told you that besides Flickr and Vimeo, Tencent Weibo integration will also be added at some point. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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