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Cydia Tweak: Give NCSettings An iOS 7 Control Center Look With This New Theme

Cydia Tweak: Give NCSettings An iOS 7 Control Center Look With This New Theme

June 17, 2013
If you’ve been trying to replicate iOS 7's style in iOS 6, this new theme will get you one step closer. Surenix has created a new NCSettings theme called iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons that will give the tweak's Notification Center toggles the same style found in iOS 7’s Control Center. This theme is very basic, but it does a good job at turning NCSettings' toggles into something very comparable to iOS 7. Once installed, this theme must be applied with Winterboard and activated within the Settings app under the preferences for NCSettings. Once activated, you’ll have a beautiful and minimal toggle style for all of the toggle available with NCSettings. To complete the iOS 7 look and feel, it’s recommended that you install BlurriedNCBackground. This will give you the same transparent and blurred look as iOS 7. The best part is, both iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons and BlurriedNCBackground, are available for free in the BigBoss repository. I’m quickly becoming a fan of the new style and layout within iOS 7, and if you don’t have the ability to install the beta release, this is the next best option to get a piece of iOS 7's style in iOS 6. For a quick look at this NCSettings theme, watch our video overview:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

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