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Gene Munster Champions iOS 7, Expects More Excitement To Follow In Fall

After a number of bumps in the road which have included a disappointing Siri, the iOS 6 Maps app, and a number of privacy concerns surrounding iCloud, Apple fans finally have a reason "to get excited about their iPhones again," according to analyst Gene Munster, and that reason is iOS 7. In a research note published late Monday, June 10, 2013, Munster said, via CNET:
We believe iOS 7 is a reason for users to get excited about their iPhones again by giving it a new feel, which is something that we believe has been lacking in the past iOS updates and subsequently device launches, regardless of hardware redesign.
As a reminder, Apple's iOS 7 makes a large number of improvements to the company's mobile operating system, most notably including redesigned icons. While this "new look" has met with a degree of the usual criticism, iOS 7 is perhaps the biggest change to happen to Apple's iPhone since the smartphone launched. Apple's announcements did little to help the company's dwindling stock, however, and Apple shares slipped $1.11 to $440.70. Munster continues in his research note to reiterate the common view that later this year, the Cupertino, Calif. company plans to announce a line of next-generation iDevices, which could include a low-cost iPhone. He also suggests that a mobile payments service may launch alongside the new products, and that Apple's long-rumored "iWatch" will be introduced in 2014, alongside a larger-screen iPhone. For a closer look at iOS 7, be sure to check out our hands-on video. We'll keep you updated with further news concerning Apple, iOS 7, and its next-generation iDevices as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Don't Like The Look Of iOS 7? Consider These Alternative DesignsApple's iTunes Radio Service Has A Long Way To Go, and Hands-On: Apple's Revamped Camera App Is Picture Perfect.
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