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Microsoft Once Again Attacks Apple's iPad In New TV Ad

Microsoft Once Again Attacks Apple's iPad In New TV Ad

June 14, 2013
Microsoft is continuing to offer a large dose of iPad criticism in its Windows RT ads. In a new video, "Dell Tablet vs. the iPad," the company eagerly attempts to persuade viewers to purchase a Dell XPS 10, with Windows RT, by drawing attention to a selection of hardware and software features that Apple chose not to offer with its iPad. These include the ability to run two apps at once, a built-in SD card slot, and more. Throughout the ad, Siri's voice repeatedly reminds the audience exactly what the iPad can't do. "Oh, that's not cool," she adds, as the price of the 32-GB iPad ($599) is compared against that of the 32-GB Dell tablet ($399 for a limited time).

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Apple's next-generation iPads are expected to be announced in fall, and as such the summer months leading up to the Cupertino, Calif. company's anticipated fall event are an important time for Microsoft, who hopes to increase its small share of the tablet OS market. Criticism of Windows RT-powered tablets, however, is vast, and ranges from sluggish performance, a lack of apps, and, in places, poor hardware. Whether Microsoft's recent iPad-bashing TV ads encourage customers to give Windows RT a go, though, remains to be seen. For more of today's news, see: One More Comparison Image Locates iOS 7 UI Elements Alongside iOS 6The Wait Is Finally Over: Microsoft Office Is Now Available In The App Store, and Apple Now Adding 500,000 New iTunes Store Accounts Each Day.

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