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New Hardware Standards And Game Controller APIs Pop Up At WWDC 2013

New Hardware Standards And Game Controller APIs Pop Up At WWDC 2013

June 10, 2013
While all of the buzz of the keynote dies down, we’re still hearing about some fun new things happening at WWDC. As part of the new developer SDK, Apple will introduce new controller APIs with a new hardware standard. Now, there is a specific way for manufacturers to make gaming controllers work with iDevices. This is great news in that, right now, only some iOS games will work with certain controller SDKs. So the problem is we can’t play all the games. Keep in mind, this is for third party controller manufacturers. Much to our dismay, Apple isn’t taking on that market themselves quite yet. But, now, it doesn't seem far off. We’re really excited about this, though. We think this may be a sneak peek at what may unfold as far as Apple TV apps or using the iPhone as a game controller goes. Maybe that's what we'll see this fall. Baby steps. Update: TouchArcade shared images and more information on the alleged controllers.
If what we've heard is to be believed, there's going to be a familiar "Made for iPhone" branding on these controllers, and developers will have one common interface to code to and they'll just work on everything. Allegedly, there are even some prototype controllers floating around WWDC.

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