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Pocket God Studio Bolt Creative To Launch Doodle Jump-Like Ooga Jump Game

Pocket God Studio Bolt Creative To Launch Doodle Jump-Like Ooga Jump Game

June 4, 2013
A new chapter in the Pocket God saga is about to begin. But it's not going to be a new episode set to be added to Pocket God, Pocket God: Journey to Uranus, or Pocket God Comics. Rather, it's going to be a standalone game called Ooga Jump. The history of Ooga Jump goes back as early as May 2009, when the popular endless jumping game Doodle Jump received a special update in partnership with Pocket God creator Bolt Creative. With that update, Doodle Jump players can play as a Pocket God pygmy upon entering a pygmy name, like "Ooga." Then, a couple of months later, Pocket God itself received its Ooga Jump update. With this update, when a player drags a pygmy over the cloud line and drops him, it will bounce off the cloud, be propelled up into the sky, and find himself in a Doodle Jump-style mini-game. Now, it looks like that mini-game is being developed into a full game, also called Ooga Jump. Touch Arcade reports:
We still don't have many details on Ooga Jump, but what we do know is that it'll be a high-score centric endless jumper set in the Pocket God universe and dripping with the same charm and humor found in Pocket God proper.
Ooga Jump is said to feature three game environments, namely, Jungle, Underworld, and Space. A screenshot of the Jungle area is shown above. To see screenshots of the Underworld and Space areas, head on over to Touch Arcade. No release date has been announced by Bolt Creative for Ooga Jump. But knowing that a lot of you out there are Pocket God worshippers, so to speak, we'll be sure to update you with further information regarding this upcoming game.

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