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Poppy Is The Retro Looking Device That Turns Your iPhone Into A 3-D Camera

Poppy Is The Retro Looking Device That Turns Your iPhone Into A 3-D Camera

June 26, 2013
Poppy is a new Kickstarter project that turns your iPhone into a 3-D camera. It allows you to capture, view, and share 3-D video clips and photos, all in one inexpensive device. Created by Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg, Poppy works with the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and fifth-generation iPod touch. When looking in the viewfinder, Poppy’s lenses combine two streams into a single 3-D video. Best of all, Poppy doesn’t require batteries since it doesn’t use electronics. Take a look:

Poppy may be used to view 3-D videos and photographs. In addition, it allows you to capture your own experiences in 3-D. Poppy also works on YouTube where 3-D support was added in 2009. Here, Poppy allows users to watch trailers, music videos, sports clips, and user-generated content in 3-D. The device is also said to work with camera and video apps already in the App Store. These include Camera Plus, and Vine, among others. A Poppy app is also being developed. This app will feature:
  • Capturing 3D videos and 3D still images
  • Saving photos and videos to your iPhone's photo album
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Browsing your own 3D content as well as 3D videos on YouTube
  • Easy controls and navigation for when your phone is in Poppy
Poppy's creators hope to raise $40,000 before July 26 to bring it to market. To date, they have raised just over $15,000. To become a backer and receive a Poppy, you must donate at least $49. For $59, you’ll receive a Poppy, plus a neck strap, and microfiber bag. At either of these pledge levels, you’ll receive your Poppy gift in December. Want one quicker? Donate $299 or more and receive a preproduction Poppy. We’re trying to get our hands on a Poppy device. When we do, we’ll let us know what we think. For more information, visit Poppy’s Kickstarter page. [gallery]

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