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SEGA Confirms: The Cave Is Heading To iOS This Summer

SEGA Confirms: The Cave Is Heading To iOS This Summer

June 13, 2013
SEGA has announced at E3 that its popular platformer The Cave is set to hit the App Store "later this summer," according to TouchGen. The game, in which players take control of a number of different characters as they make their way through "a magical talking cave," has so far appeared on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, through the consoles' respective storefronts. TouchGen managed to take The Cave for a spin at E3, and explains:
The Cave is an adventure puzzle platformer by Ron Gilbert, where you take control of a team of explorers as they travel deeper into the cave. Released through SEGA by Double Fine onto consoles and PC’s earlier this year, the game is now making its way to iOS.
Each character in The Cave possesses unique powers, and at the beginning of the game players must select which three of the seven characters they want to control. While originally designed for physical controllers, TouchGen notes that SEGA has managed to port the game over to Apple's touch-based iDevices well: "what they’ve done is pretty intuitive. Instead of mapping the characters [sic] movement to virtual thumb-sticks and buttons, you tap (or drag) where you want to move and perform gestures for jumping." Graphically, The Cave for iOS is said to be impressive, and the puzzler is expected to do well in the App Store. We'll keep you updated with further information on the forthcoming title as we receive it.

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