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Today's Best Apps: Battle 16 And Nim: A Game Of Wits And Logic

The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday. Remember: Even though in-app purchases typically require your iTunes Store password for processing, you can further prevent them and other unauthorized actions by enabling local restrictions using the passcode locked iOS parental controls


Nim: A Game of Wits and Logic by Adam Lupicki (Free, 664.2 KB): Battle a friend or an AI opponent to prove your problem solving skills in this elimination-style strategy game. Your objective is to be the person who makes the finishing move on a board that contains three columns of up to 20 stacked circles. What's the challenge? Only one column may be modified during a single turn. Described another way, think of the process somewhat like Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses) or Connect 4 reversed, which relies on guessing the opponent's next move to determine your own if there's any hope for consistent success. The game features 2-D and 2.5-D graphics, turn-based solo and two human player modes, three difficulty levels against the AI, random or manual circle distribution, and four themes. The three bonus themes are $0.99 each via in-app purchase.


Battle 16 by Dating DNA, Inc. (Free, 30.2 MB): This tournament-style polling app offers a way to answer life's tough questions, or maybe just those often argued about, plus discover new things and how much you think like or unlike others. For some examples, the voting can be about what football team mascots, classmate attractiveness, haircuts, clothes, music, cartoons, or whatever else you're strongly pondering. No matter the topic, the battle progresses through a bracket system where the highest voted contender moves forward to face a new challenger until, of course, a single champion remains and is crowned the winner. As a member, you're allowed to vote in other battles, make a prediction much like the Final Four fan competitions, and create your own chosen contender battle to satisfy that straining curiosity. The app features a simple tabbed user interface, live and concluded battle results, as well as forum-type discussions via a Facebook page. Free account registration is required for participation, although, guest access allows root level browsing.

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