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Today's Poll Question: Do You Use Poutsch For iPhone?

Today's Poll Question: Do You Use Poutsch For iPhone?

June 18, 2013
Poutsch, the question and answer service that first arrived on the Web earlier this year, is now available for iPhone. The free Poutsch app is available for download in the App Store. The app allows users to debate the topics of the day with family and friends through the use of poll questions. It does so by connecting Poutsch users with their friends on Facebook, or followers on Twitter. You can also answer questions from featured Poutsch users, or create your own questions directly from within the app. Called the Quora for polls, the Poutsch app includes the following features:
  • Ask and browse questions
  • Share them anywhere
  • Answer questions and see the opinion of your friends and opinion leaders
  • Discover trending questions, topics and debates
  • Vote on the best comments
  • Gather insightful data
Poutsch could prove to be an interesting app. As with other social apps, however, its long-term success will likely be determined by how many people actually use it moving forward.   You can download Poutsch right here. See also: Dude, Where's My Pin? Pinterest For iOS Now Lets You Search Your Own Pins, and Socialize With New Like-Minded People In Your City With Citysocializer. [gallery]

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