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Upcoming Update To Plague Inc. Will Add Speed Run, CDC Content

Upcoming Update To Plague Inc. Will Add Speed Run, CDC Content

June 4, 2013
Developer Ndemic Creations is hard at work on an update to its popular strategy game Plague Inc. And version 1.6, which will arrive in July, looks to be a lot of fun. Touch Arcade has the scoop on the new version. First up, the Speed Run mode will allow a player to compare their scores whenever they defeat the game. The update will also usher in a new leaderboard system. Ndemic Creations also talked to the site about another new feature:
Maybe more excitingly, 1.6 is ushering in some CDC content. CDC news headlines will pop up as you play. Also, a new CDC in-game story will strengthen the overall narrative, as the org struggles to track down Patient Zero "in order to accelerate development of the cure," Plague Inc. developer tells us Ndemic Creations tells us.
A universal game designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini, Plague Inc. can be downloaded now in the App Store for $0.99. In our own original review last August, Lory Gil said the game was a lot of fun as players attempt to spread a specific deadly disease around the globe. The most recent major update, in February, brought the new Necroa virus plague type along with a few other enhancements.

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