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Updated: AT&T Is Offering iPhone 5 Units At $200 Off Even If Your Contract Isn’t Up

Updated: AT&T Is Offering iPhone 5 Units At $200 Off Even If Your Contract Isn’t Up

July 22, 2013
See updates below. AT&T is trying to unload its iPhone 5 inventory by offering customers an incredible deal. Some customers can now upgrade even if their two-year contract hasn't expired. Better still, the company is offering $200 off the unsubsidized price on the iPhone 5, according to Gotta Be Mobile. According to the report:
While customers won’t get the full subsidized pricing when they upgrade if they’re mid-contract, AT&T is the only known carrier of the four national providers to offer a discounted upgrade for those who normally wouldn’t qualify for any subsidies. This means that if you do qualify for a new iPhone upgrade, you’d pay $200. If you don’t, AT&T takes about $200 off of the full retail price. For the base 16 GB model, that means $200 off of $650, so you’ll end up paying about $450 if you qualify for discounted upgrades.
Please note that AT&T's deal is for all customers, not just for those who have smartphones or an iPhone. To see if you qualify, log in to your account online. AT&T’s deal is certainly worth considering. However, we can't stress enough that Apple is likely to announce the so-called "iPhone 5S" between August and October. Please keep this in mind before making a purchasing decision. Update 1: Since publishing this, we've heard back from AT&T; they stated:
This is business as usual.  We offer an early upgrade option for customers with an account in good standing and who purchased their current phone at least 6 months earlier.
Update 2: The Verge, who also noted Gotta Be Mobile as a source, stated:
In a statement to The Verge, AT&T clarified its early upgrade policies, which have not changed — customers with an account in good standing can take advantage of an "early upgrade" price after six months. The cost is $250 on top off the standard two-year contract pricing for a phone, making $449.99 the early upgrade price for a 16GB iPhone. However, AT&T also confirmed this offer is good for any device, not just the iPhone.
We don't recall AT&T ever doing this, especially right before Apple announces a new iPhone model. As usual, we'll keep you updated. See also: When We Should Expect New iPhones, iPads and MacsReport Claims That Apple Is Testing 13-Inch iPads, Bigger iPhones, and The Next iPhone Could Be Super Fast, Support LTE-A.

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