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Best Buy Now Offering Gift Cards To Move iPad Inventory

First there was the enhanced trade-in program. Now, Best Buy is offering gift cards to move its stock of iPads. Through Aug. 3, buyers at will receive a $25 gift card with each iPad mini purchase, and $50 with each iPad with Retina display. The cards are automatically added to each online order and ship separately. Best Buy is offering one free gift card per browser session. Also through Aug. 3, Best Buy is rewarding brick and mortar store customers with gift cards of $200 or more when they trade-in their old iPad model. This gift card must be used towards the purchase of a fourth-generation iPad with Retina display. Eligible trade-ins include second- and third-generation iPad models, provided the iDevices have working displays and are not water damaged. These are great offers, of course. However, potential customers should nevertheless be aware that a refreshed line of iPads is coming later this year. This will likely include a second-generation iPad mini and the iPad 5. Best Buy's offers end Saturday, Aug. 3.
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