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Best Buy Launches Enhanced iPad Trade-In Program With $200 Gift Cards

Best Buy Launches Enhanced iPad Trade-In Program With $200 Gift Cards

July 23, 2013
Best Buy has launched an enhanced iPad trade-in program, which offers customers $200 gift cards towards further iPad purchases, according to the retailer's website. From what we understand, the in-store program will run through August 3, and will reward iPad trade-ins with $200 Best Buy gift cards (or more) which may be used towards the purchase of a fourth-generation iPad with Retina display. Eligible trade-ins include second- and third-generation iPad models, provided the iDevices have working displays and are not water damaged. Best Buy notes of the fourth-generation iPad, and its accompanying offer:
Starting at $299.99 when you trade in your working iPad 2 or iPad (3rd generation). Get a minimum $200 Best Buy gift card which you may put toward the purchase of an iPad with Retina display.
Of course, this is a great offer, and it'll help Best Buy in clearing iPad stock as we approach the end of the current fiscal quarter. That being said, potential customers should nevertheless be aware that a refreshed line of iPads is set to launch in fall, potentially (but in no way definitely) including an iPad mini with Retina display. As such, as tempting as Best Buy's offer is, some may wish instead to hold off on purchasing the fourth-generation iPad model, since the iPad 5 is believed by many to be right around the corner. For more information on Best Buy's trade-in program, be sure to check out the retailer's website. Though do note that this is an in-store offer only, however. See also: Following AT&T's Claims Of Reliability, Verizon Strikes BackCydia Tweak: Gotha Adds Some Handy Shortcuts To Your Contacts List, and Despite Developer Center Issues, Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4.

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