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Buy The Lapka Personal Environment Monitor For iOS In Individual Pieces

Buy The Lapka Personal Environment Monitor For iOS In Individual Pieces

July 30, 2013
Nearly eight months have passed since I first mentioned the arrival of Lapka, a personal environment monitor that works via a free iPhone app. At the time, I noted that the accessory worked as advertised. Unfortunately, I suggested that its $220 price tag would keep it from becoming a big seller. Luckily, Lapka is now taking an a la carte approach when it comes to selling the device. The Lapka uses sensors to detect radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity, and temperature. It also determines how organic your food is. Each Lapka is actually four block objects in one, with the largest no more than 2-inches in height. When the pieces are sitting next to each other, they look like objects for a strange game of dominoes. When separated, they look like dice from another world. Customers can now purchase each Lapka block separately at the following prices:
  • Lapka Radiation, $119
  • Lapka Organic, $79
  • Lapka EMF, $79
  • Lapka Humidity, $79
Since my original post, the price for the entire Lapka device has increased to $249. This is still a better deal than were you to buy each piece separately, however. Then the cost rises to $356. Therefore, if you plan on eventually adding each Lapka piece to your collection, a wiser decision may be to wait and purchase the entire device at once. Take a look:

I’m still sold on the Lapka and use mine often. It comes highly recommended to anyone that wants to know what’s going on around them. Please read my original review for additional information. The Lapka and Lapka Pro apps are available in the App Store. Both apps are free.

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