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Could You Live Without Apps For Just A Few Days?

Could You Live Without Apps For Just A Few Days?

July 10, 2013
As the world continues to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the App Store, eBay is out with a pretty interesting infographic. Under the heading, “What’s Life Without Apps?” the graphic summarizes what happens when 200 people were asked to live without apps for a mere four days. Take a look: As you can see, more than a third of the 200 failed. Many reported being less calm and productive, and more frustrated. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the participants, who were asked how they felt without their apps:
  • Honestly, I felt naked and unprotected.
  • There were times that I needed to use my camera. I have a little baby.
  • I felt so LOST for those 4 days of disconnect, that once using them again I was truly at peace.
I’m not sure I could go four days without using my apps. After all, that would require going without my iPhone and iPad. Of course, five years ago, we did just that since we didn't have apps. Could you survive without your iPhone or iPad? Be honest! See also: Apple's App Store Turns 5: Relive The Milestones And Best Apps Of All TimeApp Store Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With Special Timeline In iTunes, and Infinity Blade II And More Go Free In Celebration Of App Store's 5th Anniversary.

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