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Latest iTranslate Voice Update Ensures You Won't Get Lost In Translation

Latest iTranslate Voice Update Ensures You Won't Get Lost In Translation

July 4, 2013
The popular translation app, iTranslate Voice, has received a major update to version 2.0. Besides adding an all-new design, improved settings, and a humorous "Presidential Voice Pack," one new feature called "AirTranslate" promises to make the task of engaging in a translated conversion a whole lot easier. With AirTranslate, users of the $0.99 app can connect two iDevices together, and more easily engage in a translated conversion. This is achieved through an instant messaging-style interface, where the translated phrases of each participant appear in an IM conversion window, within the application itself. Further changes include a "simpler and more engaging" new design (pictured in the images above), and improved, more accessible settings. Full voice recognition and text-to-speech support has also been added for Thai, Catalan, and Romanian, while voice recognition support only is now available for Hebrew, Croatian, Malay, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Finally, iTranslate Voice now features a Presidential Voice Pack, which includes imitations of President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. This can be downloaded in-app for $0.99. For an overview of some of iTranslate Voice's new features, take a look at the below video trailer.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

As mentioned, iTranslate Voice is available to download in the App Store for $0.99, and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out the updated application now, or for more of today's app news, see: Go Gaga With Lady Gaga And Other Global Pop Acts In Groove Coaster ZeroLearn More And See More With The Newly Updated Khan Academy App For iOS, and Halfbrick's Age Of Zombies Finally Updated With Retina Graphics Plus New Chapter.

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