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Still Not Loving Apple's iOS 7? Take A Look At These Design Alternatives

Still Not Loving Apple's iOS 7? Take A Look At These Design Alternatives

July 31, 2013
Whether you love it or hate it, iOS 7 is set to launch in as little as two months. When it arrives, iOS 7 will represent the biggest change to Apple’s mobile device design since the first iPhone was announced in 2007. The team at DesignCrowd recently asked its 130,000 designers to submit their own iOS 7 designs. The goal: Create a design that everyone would love. Did anyone succeed in making a better design than Apple’s Jony Ive? You be the judge. Here are seven of the designs that were recently submitted to DesignCrowd:

Taking Ive's minimalistic approach a little bit too far?

Perhaps a little too utilitarian for my tastes. 

 Indeed, this one is simple -- and boring.

This one would definitely increase sales of Skittles ... and probably those for Android-based phones too.

My favorite -- slight tweaks to Apple's official design.

Another design that I could love.

It glows!

Which design is your favorite? As a reminder, Apple recently released the fourth developer beta of iOS 7. Most likely, Apple will release two additional betas before releasing a final version to the public. For more information, see: Snapchat Users Can Relax: Apple Introduces New Screenshot API In iOS 7 Beta 4Apple Makes Some Slight Changes To The Incoming Call Screen, Call Button In iOS 7 Beta 4, and Apple Posts The iOS 7 Beta 4 Release Notes.

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