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Snapchat Users Can Relax: Apple Introduces New Screenshot API In iOS 7 Beta 4

July 30, 2013
Snapchat users can now breathe a huge sigh of relief, because Apple has added a new - essential - screenshot detection API in its recently released iOS 7 beta 4. As a reminder, back when iOS 7 beta 2 launched it was discovered that Apple's prerelease software no longer made it possible for applications (such as Snapchat and Facebook Poke, for example) to detect when users captured screenshots of others in-app:
In Snapchat, holding on a photo is required in order to view it and keep it open. If a screenshot of the photo is taken on a device running iOS 6 or below, the system cancels the active touch, i.e., the holding on the photo, and the photo is effectively closed. This is how Snapchat detects that a screenshot of a photo has been taken and consequently notifies the sender of the photo after the fact, so to speak. But on a device running iOS 7, the system no longer cancels an active touch and keeps a photo open after a screenshot of it has been taken. As a result, Snapchat no longer detects a taken screenshot and no longer notifies the sender about the act.
Now, however, we're hearing from developers testing iOS 7 beta 4 that a snapshot detection API has indeed been added, as you can see in the below image: [caption id="attachment_446251" align="aligncenter" width="704"] Apple's new API.[/caption] Of course, Snapchat's developers will need to implement the API accordingly in the application. We'll let you know once this happens. In the meantime, for more iOS 7 beta 4 related news, see: Apple Makes Some Slight Changes To The Incoming Call Screen, Call Button In iOS 7 Beta 4Siri, Spotlight Search And Notification Center Revamped In iOS 7 Beta 4, and Apple Posts The iOS 7 Beta 4 Release Notes.

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