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The 7 Coolest Features And Changes In iOS 7 Beta 3, So Far

The 7 Coolest Features And Changes In iOS 7 Beta 3, So Far

July 8, 2013
Editor's note: The post was updated to remove the pano feature which, as some of you noted, is already in iOS 6. We added a new Safari feature instead. Thanks! After some more time with iOS 7, we'd like to share some notable changes and features in iOS 7 beta 3, which was released earlier today.

New App Download Animation

One of the nicest changes in beta 3 is the new animation while apps are downloading. As you can see, as more of the app downloads, users get a visual cue on how much is left to go.

Safari Keyboard Change

Instead of just a .com button in the Safari keyboard, Apple has updated it to a simple period sign. Users can select the .com, .net, .edu, .org, and .us suffixes by holding the button down.

Time While Playing Music on Lock Screen

Along with easier to read text on the lock screen, users can now see the time while they are playing music.

Battery Charging Animation

Definitely my biggest disappointment with beta 3 is that Apple has removed the battery charging animation. In previous versions, the lightning bolt symbol next to the battery would pulse to help give users another visual cue that their phone was getting power. Now, when charging, the same symbol is static.

Calendar Changes

Further improving the radically revamped calendar app, gray dots appear in the month view when something is scheduled on a certain day.

Accessibility Changes

Apple has added another option in the accessibility settings that can be found by selecting Settings, General, and then Accessibility. Turning on the Increase Contrast setting will remove all of the transparency in iOS 7, making the beautiful new Notification Center and Control Center look downright unappealing. So be forewarned.

Pull-to-Refresh Gesture in Mail Has a New Animation

Finally, in a minor change, the pull-to-refresh gesture in the stock mail app has a new and cleaner look. We already reported on how iOS 7 beta 3 tones down the animated elements and adds some bolder text on the lock screen. The final version of iOS 7 is expected to be released to the public sometime this fall. If you're a developer, what changes have you noticed in the latest version of the iOS 7 beta? Let us know.

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