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The Bots Are Back! Devour All Humans 2, Coming Soon For iOS

The Bots Are Back! Devour All Humans 2, Coming Soon For iOS

July 3, 2013
The stomach-churning iPad game Devour All Humans is set to spawn a sequel, Devour All Humans 2, which should become available to download in the App Store in the coming days. With an enhanced level of customization, the application's developer promises that the new game will be "bigger and badder" that its predecessor, which first launched in the App Store back in January 2012. As outlined in a press release announcing the forthcoming game:
This time customize your bot to your own unique tastes, level up his abilities, unlock power ups, and chow down on flesh like never before! Just don't let the tasty stuff get through! Chomp it up. Now with power ups, more body parts, a levelling system, and ... birthday cakes?! Addicting and intuitively simple one-handed gameplay makes this the perfect human gobbling experience. If you can't see the above video, click here.
Excited? Once Devour All Humans 2 hits the App Store, we'll be publishing a hands-on review of the game, so be sure to check back with us. Though no firm release date (or price) has yet been announced, we have been told that the application should become available in the next few days, as soon as Apple has approved it. In the meantime, the original Devour All Humans can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store. Take it for a spin now - if your stomach is strong enough! See also: You're Sure To See Red With The Original Angry Birds Game's New UpdateReady, Set, Go Prestigious With Real Racing 3's New Prestige Cars Update, and Watch Your Favorite USA Network Shows Anywhere With USA Anywhere Plus.

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