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Maybe iOS 7's Icons Have a Bigger Purpose Than We Thought

Chris Harris knows just a little bit about app design and development. The head of mobile and app director of Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe was recently curious. What would iOS 7 look like on the small and cramped screen of the sixth-generation iPod nano? The results, which are pretty spectacular, are highlighted on Harris’ Tumblr page, Code Into Light:
Clarity I decided to see how the iOS7 interface faired on the old iPod Nano screen. When screen real estate is at a premium iOS7 shines. I am not a “designer" and I always choose clarity above style when I have my App Director hat on. Notice how the overly enlarged Safari circle, which some have called wrong, actually works really well in this particular situation. I imagine this would hold true for a large wall hanging display too.
He forgot to mention the long-rumored iWatch. Does something like this show firsthand why Apple made the substantial UI changes in iOS 7? I think the new design would definitely look great on an Apple TV, just as Harris speculated in his post.
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