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Write For iPhone Gains iCloud Support In Addition To Dropbox File Syncing

Write For iPhone Gains iCloud Support In Addition To Dropbox File Syncing

July 1, 2013
The iPhone edition of Write for Dropbox is now officially called Write for iPhone. It's not because the app no longer supports Dropbox, but because it now supports an alternative storage service in addition to Dropbox. And the app's new alternative storage service is none other than Apple's iCloud. Now, thanks to the app's latest update, you can now choose between Dropbox and iCloud as your preferred service for storing and syncing your files. The app's newly added iCloud support also comes with the ability to generate iCloud share links. Write for iPhone also features PDF support, enabling you to export or email a note as a PDF file. It also includes a more polished Markdown preview and a new font in the form of HelveticNeue-Light. Moreover, the newly updated app boasts a new iOS 7-inspired design that is less buttony and more flat-looking. This new design is further enhanced with physics-based animations. The new version of Write for iPhone, formerly Write for Dropbox, is out now in the App Store. The app was made available for free for a few days last May. But it is now available to download for its regular price of $1.99. For more information on Write for iPhone, check out AppAdvice's original review of the app, back when it was launched as Write for Dropbox. Write for iPhone is equipped with Device Sharing. This feature works in conjunction with the app's iPad edition, which is yet to gain iCloud support and is therefore still named Write for Dropbox. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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