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Hawaiian Airlines To Offer iPad minis On All Its Boeing 767-300 Aircraft

Hawaiian Airlines To Offer iPad minis On All Its Boeing 767-300 Aircraft

August 30, 2013
Apple's iPad mini is set to say "aloha" to Hawaiian Airlines' Boeing 767-300 aircraft, as all of the airplanes in the Hawaii-based airline are set to offer customers access to the 7.9-inch tablet in-flight. As such, Hawaiian Airlines will become "the only U.S. carrier to offer the Apple iPad mini on all of its wide-body Boeing 767-300 aircraft," according to a press release published recently:
The airline has contracted Bluebox Avionics, a global provider of portable In-flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions to airline carriers, to deploy 1,500 iPad minis on 14 B767 aircraft serving 14 routes between Hawai‘i and the U.S. Mainland, Asia and South Pacific. The iPad minis will replace all current portable entertainment systems on all of Hawaiian Airlines’ B767 routes.
Blaine Miyasato, Hawaiian Airlines' vice president of product development, said:
Hawaiian Airlines’ signature on-board hospitality is already very popular with travelers, but we wanted to go even further to ensure our customers’ travel experience is more enjoyable. With the help of Bluebox Avionics, we’re building on our acclaimed inflight service by incorporating the latest in popular consumer tech products to enhance our in-flight entertainment options.
For some time now, a number of further airlines, both in the United States and overseas, have offered Apple's iPads in-flight to customers as a personal entertainment system. Certain airlines have even replaced paper pilots' manuals with iPads in an effort to save paper, while others have used the iPhone's Passbook app as a means of providing customers with digital boarding passes. Hawaiian Airlines' iPad mini offering will be available from Sept. 1, 2013, on routes between Hawaii and the United States, Asia, and South Pacific. For more of today's news, see: Bulkypix's Link The Slug Lazily Rips Off ZeptoLab's Pudding MonstersThinglist "Want To-Do" App Now Lets You Easily Share Your Things With Others, and Keek 4.0 Features New iOS 7-Inspired Interface, Video Recording Upgrades And More.

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