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Heartbeats Introduces Your Bluetooth Heart Monitor To A Pebble Smart Watch

Heartbeats Introduces Your Bluetooth Heart Monitor To A Pebble Smart Watch

August 7, 2013
Heartbeats (for Pebble) is a brand new application that allows users to view data from a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor using an iPhone or iPod touch. More importantly, however, the $2.99 application can also communicate with a Pebble smart watch, making it possible for users to view heart rate statistics at the wrist. Developer Netwalk explains:
Heartbeats is the ultimate sporting app. It's built from the ground up to integrate seamless with any Bluetooth heart monitor and report your current heart rate, workout time and calories burnt. [sic] When you have a Pebble watch, the information is shown own your watch as well, and you can pause and resume your activity right from your wrist.
Features of the application include:
  • heart rate from any Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor
  • calculates calories burnt
  • integrates with Pebble Smartwatch (
Potential users should note that Heartbeats has been successfully tested with the Polar HR7, Wahoo Fitness, Zephyr HxM BT, and Beets BLU. Furthermore, as with all Pebble watch apps, the official Pebble iOS application will need to be installed on users' iDevices in order for communication with the smart watch to work. Heartbeats is available to download in the App Store for $2.99 (an introductory price), and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out the new application now, or for more Pebble related news, see: Kickstarter: Hot Watch Takes Aim At Pebble, iWatch And MoreYou've Got Mail: Pebble Smartwatch App Now Supports Incoming Email Notifications, and Get Ready: The Smart Watch Market Is Set To Boom In 2014, Report Claims.

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