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Larry Ellison Sees A Bad Moon Rising For Apple Without Steve Jobs

Larry Ellison Sees A Bad Moon Rising For Apple Without Steve Jobs

August 13, 2013
Oracle chief executive officer Larry Ellison has revealed that he predicts dark days ahead for a Steve Jobs-less Apple, suggesting in a recent interview that the tragic departure of the company's co-founder is going to leave the iPhone maker in deeper levels of disarray as more time passes. The claims came in a recent "This Morning" interview with Charlie Rose. When asked what he thinks Apple will become without Steve Jobs at the helm, Ellison replied: "we already know." He continued:
We saw - we conducted the experiment. I mean, it's been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. We saw Apple without Steve Jobs. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. Now, we're gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs.
During the above, Ellison gestures with his hand, tracing the curve of a peak as the words "Apple with Steve Jobs" are mentioned, and bringing his hand down and tracing a trough as "Apple without Steve Jobs" is uttered. It's clear that Ellison sees a bad moon rising for Apple, and believes that Jobs - the heart and soul of the Cupertino, Calif. company - was an integral aspect of the iPhone maker's prominence. Of course, the first time Steve Jobs left Apple - in 1985, having been ousted by John Scully - the company's success soon turned sour. Concerning Jobs, Ellison said: "He was, he was brilliant. I mean, he was our Edison. He was our Picasso. He was an incredible inventor." Do you agree with Ellison's views? See also: Go Get 'Em: Apple Offering Rare iTunes Sale On Movie BundlesPiper Jaffray Claims iPhone 5C Could Ship Without Siri, Replace iPhone 4S, and RetailMeNot Coupons 3.0 Features New UI Design, Favorite Stores And More.

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