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MeteoEarth For iPad Now Includes Climate Data And Other New Features

MeteoEarth For iPad Now Includes Climate Data And Other New Features

August 23, 2013
MeteoEarth for iPad has received its first significant update in six months. Version 1.2 of the popular weather app introduces a number of new weather elements and features. First launched in December, MeteoEarth now allows users to switch from the normal forecast mode to the climate data mode. This features a global overview of climatic conditions, plus more specific information for any location around the world. This includes air and water temperature, and rainfall throughout the year. MeteoEarth for iPad 1.2 also introduces new weather elements. Previously on MeteoEarth, users could see the forecast precipitation but couldn’t differentiate between the type. Now, MeteoEarth shows the difference between rain and snow, for example. The cloud cover layer has also been enhanced with a new lightning feature so that users can track thunderstorms. Finally, a new storm feature enables users to track tropical storms taking place around the world with information including category, type, and wind speed. MeteoEarth for iPad remains one of my favorite weather apps. I'm still not happy about having to pay an extra fee to see a five day forecast though. Nonetheless, I can look past this thanks to its extraordinary list of features that come with the base package. The $3.99 MeteoEarth for iPad app is available now in the App Store. An iPhone/iPod touch version is also available for $2.99.  

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