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Momento Journal App Updated With Reminders, Nearby Place Tags And More

Momento Journal App Updated With Reminders, Nearby Place Tags And More

August 23, 2013
The hugely popular and highly acclaimed journal app Momento has just received a new update. The new update, which happens to the the first major one to arrive this year for Momento, introduces a couple of new features plus several photo-related enhancements. One of the new features added by the update to Momento is support for reminders. Reminders let you schedule notifications to prompt you to write about a moment in Momento. You can enable one or both of the two preset reminders: one prompts you to log an entry about your dream early in the morning and the other prompts you to record how your day went in the evening. Of course, you can also create your own reminders with different prompts and alert times. The other new feature in the new version of Momento is easy tagging of nearby places. When geotagging a moment or entry in Momento, you can still add a place by simply typing the name of that place, e.g. "home," "Starbucks," and "at the movies." But now, you can also select a place from the nearby place suggestions automatically loaded from Foursquare. As mentioned, the latest update to Momento also adds a few photo-related enhancements. One of these lets you select multiple photos to accompany a moment. Another gives you the option to update the time for a moment to match the time the attached photo was originally taken. And yet another allows you to export the photos stored in Momento to your iDevice's camera roll. Also including various bug fixes, the new version of Momento is available now in the App Store. In celebration of the update, the app is free for a limited time. So, if you haven't downloaded Momento yet since its launch over three years ago, then make sure to download it now, free of charge. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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