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PC Market Levels Out, Apple Still Dominates But Lenovo Is Gaining

PC Market Levels Out, Apple Still Dominates But Lenovo Is Gaining

August 7, 2013
Thanks to impressive iPad sales, Apple continues to dominate the PC market, according to a study recently published by Canalys. That being said, with overall growth of just 0.3 percent in the second fiscal quarter of 2013, it seems that for the time being, at least, the PC market itself appears to have leveled out. In fact, despite its sustained, iPad-powered dominance in the PC sphere, Apple actually lost market share of 11.5 percent during the quarter, and so holds 19.4 percent of the overall market. It's likely that once the next-generation iPad and iPad mini are announced, the Cupertino, Calif. company will regain some of the ground lost here, since sales of the 9.7-inch and small-size tablets will almost certainly increase. Canalys reiterates:
Apple remained the top PC vendor in Q2, with a 4.5 million unit lead over second-placed Lenovo. But Apple’s share fell more than two percentage points to 17.1% from 19.4% in Q2 last year due an annual decrease in iPad shipments. Desktop and notebook shipments only accounted for around 20% of its total PC shipments. With tablet vendors attacking Apple on price it must bring fresh innovation to future generations of its iPad range if it is to maintain the lead it has built in the PC market.
Lenovo, however, is gaining on Apple, due to impressive sales in both China and Latin America. The vendor gained 7.3 percent of the PC market in the same quarter, and so holds a total share of 12.1 percent. Samsung, too, continued to see an increase in market share, but is still some way off assuming the No. 2 spot when it comes to PC shipments. Apple's iOS and Google's Android are now driving the PC market, Canalys concludes, and despite "recent innovation" in the Windows department, such computers are indeed "struggling to take off." With new lines of iPads set to be unveiled in the coming months, it'll be interesting to see how the PC market looks in the near future. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Apple Offering In-Store Discounts On Certain Accessories This MonthAdobe Reader Goes To 11 With New CreatePDF And ExportPDF Premium Services, and Hasbro's BeyWarriors Takes The Beyblade Shogun Steel Battles To Your iDevice.

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