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Pearl Guitar Offers Music Fans A Dedicated 6-String Experience For iPad

Pearl Guitar Offers Music Fans A Dedicated 6-String Experience For iPad

August 10, 2013
Apple's GarageBand gives iDevice owners the chance to strum a six-string using an iPad, but one new application - Pearl Guitar - promises to improve on that experience. In the new app, users are offered a dedicated six-string guitar simulator, which includes "smooth animations," Retina display-optimized graphics, parallax effects for strummed strings, and a whole load of impressive features. Developer Amidio explains:
Pearl Guitar is a carefully tuned virtual representation of the legendary vintage 1979 Martin & Co dreadnaught, one of the best acoustic guitars in the world. An optimized 76-Mb sound database is further processed by CascadeEQ synthesis, producing pristine clear stereo audio with a nasty bite of accidental roars, movement hums, string noises and guitar body resonances. The strumming feels natural; the smooth, dynamic sound varies as you adjust your playing speed. After just a little training, the performance is hardly distinguished from a real guitar. There is also a metronome and a conga drum machine which provide rhythm assistance.
Furthermore, a "SoloBoard" feature makes it easier to play solo passages note-by-note, and allows users to bend strings and slide between frets as they go. It's also possible for users to record their singing voice using the application and its built-in metronome feature. As outlined in the app's release notes, here's a complete list of features offered in Pearl Guitar:
  • A virtual 1979 Martin acoustic steel guitar
  • Unprecedented sound realism
  • True stereo output
  • CascadeEQ synthesis - lush and warm sound
  • Guitar body hits and hums, string noises
  • Variable strumming speed
  • Conga Drum Machine
  • Up to 16 chords per song
  • "Smart Follow" highlights the next chord
  • "SoloBoard" - unique solo interface
  • Record to .WAV with a single tap
  • Record singing using a headset or mic
  • iTunes File Sharing support
  • 16 most popular chords
In addition, for an in-app purchase of $6.99, users can also access the following "Premium Mode" features:
  • Chord Menu (edit songs, chords and sequences, exchange with the community over internet)
  • 1000+ chord database with variations and custom chords
  • File Manager with sharing options (Dropbox, Audiocopy, Email)
  • MIDI record (along with .WAV), virtual and hardware in/out
  • Audiobus functionality.
Below, we've included a trailer video of Pearl Guitar, which shows off the application in action.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Pearl Guitar can be downloaded in the App Store for $2.99, and is optimized for the iPad only. At $2.99, it's worth noting that the application is less expensive than Apple's $4.99 GarageBand. However, with the $6.99 in-app purchase added on, the total price of Pearl Guitar is just under $10. Check out the new application now, or for more of today's app news, see: Photo Eraser For iPhone Gets A Speed Boost In Latest UpdateHoly Moly! The Nuns With The Guns Are Back In Nun Attack: Run & Gun, and LinkedIn Contacts Gains New Features As It Connects With Its First Update.

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