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UltraPhaser Can Add iPad-Powered Phaser Effects To Your Set

UltraPhaser Can Add iPad-Powered Phaser Effects To Your Set

August 10, 2013
UltraPhaser is a new $5.99 application that makes it possible for users to add iPad-powered phaser effects to guitars, keyboards, and more. Developed by elephantcandy, UltraPhaser allows users to choose between four, six, eight, 12, or even 24 stages, and offers an "extremely flexible" phaser effect that features "a unique user interface." Multiple phaser effects can be applied to countless input sounds ("from guitar, bass, and keyboard to full mixes and electronic setups," elephantcandy notes) and the application also features Audiobus compatibility, meaning UltraPhaser can hook up to other iPad apps. In the application, speed, width, center frequency, phase shift, and shape can all be adjusted, and UltraPhaser also includes an optional high-pass filter (HPF). As outlined in the app's release notes:
UltraPhaser's unique user interface includes an LFO Control view, through which the stereo LFO can be evaluated and edited. You can see the speed, width, phase shift and shape of the LFO in this view. The Vectorscope shows a plot of the output's left versus right audio channels, to give you an idea of the "spaciousness" of the sound.
The application offers preset classic and more unusual phaser effects, and users also have the option of creating their own. Finally, UltraPhaser supports low latency, meaning live audio from an instrument, for example, can be processed particularly quickly with minimal delay. As mentioned, UltraPhaser can be downloaded in the App Store for $5.99, and is optimized for the iPad only. Check out the new application now, or for more of today's app news, see: Photo Eraser For iPhone Gets A Speed Boost In Latest UpdateHoly Moly! The Nuns With The Guns Are Back In Nun Attack: Run & Gun, and LinkedIn Contacts Gains New Features As It Connects With Its First Update.

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