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Waiting For Apple To Announce Its iPhone Event

Do a Google search for "Sept. 10" and you'll find that the date is a significant one for techies around the world. This is the date, as we’ve often said, that Apple is supposed to unveil new iPhones at a media event. However, something is missing for this event to become a reality. As of now, Apple has yet to announce the event, let alone invite folks to attend. Not that this is a surprise. We've done our research and noticed that Apple didn't announce their 2011 iPhone event until Sept. 27. This was just eight days before the event that featured the iPhone 4S was held on Oct. 4. Last year, it was more of the same. The company's Sept. 12, 2012 event wasn't announced until Tuesday, Sept. 4. [caption id="attachment_456288" align="aligncenter" width="535"]Last year's invitation Last year's invitation[/caption] It is unlikely that Apple will stick to its eight day lead time this year. Sept. 2 is a legal holiday here in the United States. Therefore, we expect Apple to make its big announcement either today or tomorrow, or next Tuesday, Sept. 3. If they don't, something strange has happened. As usual, we'll keep you updated.
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