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Amazon’s Kindle App Features A Beautiful New Design To Compliment iOS 7

Amazon’s Kindle App Features A Beautiful New Design To Compliment iOS 7

September 18, 2013
Book lovers rejoice. Amazon has just updated its Kindle app to version 4.0. Not surprisingly, the new version of the app is redesigned to mirror the look of iOS 7. But that’s far from the only change. As a voracious book reader, I’m really excited about the new collections feature. As the name suggests, readers can easily categorize books, documents, and magazines with a few easy taps inside the app. That’s a great addition, and something that I will be putting to use as soon as possible. The flatter style of the new app and the beautifully made translucent effects also does a nice job blending in with iOS 7. Slide-out menus in both the Library and Reader sections of the app combine key controls and glide with a simple touch. While there have been just a few app updates to report on today, I’m enormously pleased with the Kindle app. Amazon has done a great job, and I’m excited to find another masterpiece to read soon. Kindle is a universal app designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. It can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. For other app news and reviews today, see: Camera+ 4 Focuses On iOS 7 With Revamped Interface And AirDrop Support, Chrome Update Brings iOS 7-Inspired Design And Other New Features, and Pocket Casts 4 Provides A Beautiful And Robust Podcast Experience On iOS 7. [gallery link="file"]  

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