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Another Lock Screen Bypass Bug Found In iOS 7.0.2

Another Lock Screen Bypass Bug Found In iOS 7.0.2

September 27, 2013
Just one day after Apple released iOS 7.0.2 to squash a lock screen bug, yet another bypass method has been found in the new version of the software. Here’s a video, first pointed out to us by Jailbreak Nation. Click here if you can’t see the video. Here are the complete instructions, according to the video. I don't own two iPhones, so I wasn't able to confirm the method.
1. Make a phone call with Siri
. 2. Select FaceTime. 3. When FaceTime pops up, put the phone to sleep. 4. Turn on your phone and swipe. 5. Answer and end the FaceTime call at the other end. 6. Click the + cancel the menu and then end the call. After a while you will be in the phone app.
There is a bit of good news, though. Even if your phone was compromised with this bypass method, snoopers would only get access to the Phone app. And if you are worried that someone could actually try to attempt this on your phone, simply disable Siri access from the lock screen. That can be found by going to Settings, General, Passcode Lock and then toggling the Siri setting. Is anyone actually worried about lock screen bugs? And where do people find the time to discover these methods?

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