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Apple And AT&T To Settle Class Action Lawsuit Over iPad 3G Bait-And-Switch

Apple And AT&T To Settle Class Action Lawsuit Over iPad 3G Bait-And-Switch

September 28, 2013
A proposed settlement for a class action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T has just been granted preliminary approval. Under the settlement, each class member may receive up to $60 from the two companies. The lawsuit was filed in June 2010 shortly after Apple and AT&T allegedly pulled a bait-and-switch scheme involving the 3G-enabled version of the first-generation iPad. An unlimited data plan was originally promised by the iDevice maker and the U.S. carrier to customers who each paid an extra $130 to access 3G on the iPad model in question. They were also guaranteed the ability to switch back and forth between the unlimited data plan and cheaper yet limited data plans at no surcharge. But the companies later canceled both the unlimited data plan and the accompanying flexible option. Law360 explains the proposed settlement:
The two-pronged accord includes a settlement with Apple under which the company will cut a $40 check for those with a valid claim, and an AT&T settlement that will entitle class members to a $20 discount on advanced data plan service. The bargain resolves a suit accusing the companies of convincing customers to shell out $130 extra for a 3G-enabled iPad by offering an unlimited data plan that it later revoked.
As noted by AppleInsider, the proposed settlement covers customers who purchased the 3G-capable iPad before June 7, 2010, the day the twofold revocation became effective. The settlement is still subject to final approval, for which a hearing has been set for February next year.

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