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Apple Could Look To MacBook Pro Supplier To Boost iPhone 5s Production

Apple Could Look To MacBook Pro Supplier To Boost iPhone 5s Production

September 18, 2013
In a new research note published by KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo, it is suggested that Apple could be planning on boosting production of its iPhone 5s by placing an order with MacBook Pro casing supplier Catcher. As a reminder, recent reports indicate that launch day supplies of Apple's iPhone 5s are set to be "severely constrained," and the ratio of iPhone 5s to iPhone 5c handsets Apple Stores and U.S. retailers are receiving is said to be as disastrous as 2:8. Furthermore, supply constraints aren't expected to free up until 2014, indicating that some kind of intervention is required. One potential answer to this, according to Kuo's research note, could be for Apple to place an order with Catcher. Kuo's argument reached us from AppleInsider, who explains:
According to Kuo, Catcher will start mass production and shipment of the iPhone 5s metal casings in the first quarter of next year, taking an 8 to 13 percent share of shipments for the period. Currently, Foxconn handles a bulk of casing production, with some industry watchers concerned the manufacturing behemoth will leverage its position as the handset's EMS supplier to nab all orders for the iPhone 5s. This is thought to be unlikely, Kuo said, as Foxconn itself is also trying to diversify, lessening its reliance on Apple. With other Apple partner manufacturers handling metal shell production for the iPad, iPod and MacBook Pro, Catcher is seen as the most probably choice for expansion. For example, Casetek, which recently took on more responsibility for iPad mini case construction, is less likely to grab any part of the iPhone 5s' orders.
It'll be interesting to see how iPhone 5s orders go on Friday, as similar scare-mongering reports have surfaced ahead of previous iPhone launches but have ultimately transpired into nothing. It'd be surprising for Apple not to be well enough prepared to meet demand for its iPhone 5s, but it could be that so far, the situation is out of Cupertino's hands. Here's hoping this isn't the case. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Gameloft Adds New Suits And New Woodlands Level To Iron Man 3 - The Official GameNew Sonic Dash Update Takes You To The Beach And To The iCloud, and Barnes & Noble Warns Users Of Issues Caused By Nook App's iOS 7 Incompatibility.

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