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Apple Removes iCloud Keychain From iOS 7 GM

Apple Removes iCloud Keychain From iOS 7 GM

September 11, 2013
While Apple added a few new goodies to the GM version of iOS 7 that was released to developers yesterday, one feature was noticeably absent – iCloud Keychain. First unveiled back at WWDC in June, iCloud Keychain allows users to store important information like account names, passwords, and credit card numbers. Using Safari, the data will be automatically filled in whenever needed. All information is stored with 256-bit AES encryption. The feature is also cross compatible with Apple’s new version of OS X – Mavericks. While iOS 7 will be officially rolled out to the public one week from today, on Wednesday, Sept. 18, Apple didn’t provide an update for the release date of Mavericks during yesterday’s special media event. Apple’s site still says it is coming “this fall.” Apple’s site still touts iCloud Keychain as “coming soon” on the iOS 7 page, so more than likely a software update will activate it after Mavericks is released. Many apps, most notably 1Password, offer similar features. But developer AgileBits is welcoming Apple into the arena. In an interview earlier this summer with AppAdvice, David Chartier talked a little more about data security:
In fact, Chartier says that his company welcomes Apple’s entry into the security market. ”We’re always happy when users better secure their data, even when they use a solution that isn’t our own,” he explains.
While I'm a heavy user of 1Password, I was interested to finally see how iCloud Keychain worked with the release of iOS 7. But it looks like I'll have to be a little patient.

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