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As Google Search Turns 15, Official iOS App Set To Gain New Major Features

September 27, 2013
Google Search is celebrating its 15th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Google has thrown a little backyard birthday party on today's Google Doodle, which doubles as an interactive piñata game. Also, Google has pointed out several new and upcoming features for its hugely popular search service. First off, Google has significantly improved the Knowledge Graph, the knowledge base used by the company to enhance its search results. As a result, the Knowledge Graph can now answer more questions, including those that don't have a simple answer. In addition, it can now provide a comparison tool for comparing two things, be they foodstuffs, dog breeds, or celestial objects. Google has also improved the look and feel of Google Search on smartphones and tablets, featuring a simpler interface and a cleaner cards-based layout for results. And soon, Google is going to implement reminders and notifications across devices along with "OK Google" voice activation for the official iOS app of Google Search:
Having a “conversation” with Google should also be more natural. Ideally, you wouldn’t need to pull out your phone or tap buttons to use Google. We’re not quite there yet, but you can already do a lot with just your voice. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll be able to download a new version of the Google Search app on iPhone and iPad. With this update, you can get notifications across your devices. So if you tell your Nexus 7, “OK Google. Remind me to buy olive oil at Safeway,” when you walk into the store with your iPhone, you’ll get a reminder. We’ll also show you Google Now notifications so you’re not late to your cooking class.
The Google Search app for iOS is available in the App Store as a free universal download. The app's previous major update arrived late last April with the addition of support for Google Now.

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