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Disney Launches Where's My Water? 2 As Original Game Celebrates 2 Years On iOS

Disney Launches Where's My Water? 2 As Original Game Celebrates 2 Years On iOS

September 12, 2013
A couple of years ago, Where's My Water? was released on iOS. Now, fittingly enough, Disney is celebrating the second anniversary of the popular physics-based puzzle game with the launch of a sequel simply called Where's My Water? 2. Where's My Water? 2 features the three gator characters in the original game, namely, Swampy, Cranky, and Allie. The game challenges you to guide fresh water toward Swampy, dirty purple water toward Cranky, and steam toward Allie in three new locations: the Sewer, the Soap Factory, and the Beach. Where's My Water? 2 boasts the following key features:
  • Play 100+ levels and challenges with a brand new look in the Gator universe featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck!
  • Introducing ‘Challenge Modes’ to replay the levels in explosive new ways!
  • Dig as fast as you can and get as many duckies as possible in ‘Duck Rush’ levels!
  • ‘Tri-ducking’ is now faster, better and more fun with boosts, such as Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber! Small fees may be required for these additional boosts.
  • Connect through Facebook and see if you can beat your pals on the adventure!
  • Experience fun mechanics that are uniquely designed for each character!
  • Complete achievements and earn special themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie, astronaut-duckie, hula-duckie, and many more!
  • Stuck on a level? Use hints to help you solve the puzzles!
If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.1 or later, Where's My Water? 2 is available now in the App Store. Unlike the original Where's My Water?, which goes for $0.99, Where's My Water? 2 may be downloaded for free. Also, unlike its predecessor, where additional content requires in-app purchases, the sequel offers all puzzles for free. Note, though, that Where's My Water? 2 offers in-app purchases for hints, power-ups, and energy. Yup, the new game uses an energy system whereby you can play a limited number of levels. To play more, you can wait or pay for your energy to be refilled or you can seek the help of your Facebook friends as in Candy Crush Saga. Where's My Water? 2 is already the fourth full-length title in Disney's Where's My Water? franchise, following the original game, Where's My Perry?, and Where's My Mickey?. Just yesterday, Where's My Water? was updated with new levels in what has been dubbed as "Allie's Curtain Call." Apparently, with the launch of Where's My Water? 2, it may very well be the final bow of Where's My Water? as far as content updates are concerned. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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