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Here Are 4 Steps To Improve The Battery Life On Your Apple iOS 7 Device

Here Are 4 Steps To Improve The Battery Life On Your Apple iOS 7 Device

September 30, 2013
Apple has added lots of new features in iOS 7. Unfortunately, many of these can wreak havoc on the battery life of your iOS device. Here are some steps you can take to keep the juice flowing a little bit longer.

Turn off Wi-Fi searching

We can’t all be jet setters. Instead, most of our time each day is spent at the same locations – home, work, and the occasional trip to a local coffeehouse or restaurant. Because of this, it’s best to turn off your device’s “Ask to Join Networks” feature, which is located in the Settings app under Wi-Fi. This doesn't mean that you can't use a "new" network. Rather, with this feature off, you will no longer receive those annoying messages that ask you to join every network you pass. And yes, your device will still remember your "known" networks. Another tip: When you do find yourself on the road, turn off Wi-Fi completely using the new Control Center. Until you reach your destination, of course.

Those pesky Location Services

Does CNN really need to know where you are? How about NFL Mobile or Chrome? Turn Location Services off, according to app, in the Settings app by going Privacy > Location Services. My advice: the only apps that really need Location Services turned on are those for weather, social, navigation, and photo taking.


As Joe White recently noted, some iOS 7 users are reportedly getting sick thanks to the new “parallax effect” feature. It can also drain your iOS device’s battery. To minimize this effect, go into the Settings app under General > Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion on.

Background App Refresh

Apple’s new Background App Refresh feature in iOS 7 is a brilliant concept. It works great for news, weather, and navigation apps. For the others, it’s best to turn the feature off. To do so, go into the Settings app under General > Background App Refresh. The floor is yours. If you have any other battery saving tips that might benefit others, use the comments below.  

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