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Here's How Apple's iPad mini-Inspired iPad 5 Could Look

Here's How Apple's iPad mini-Inspired iPad 5 Could Look

September 4, 2013
Like the iPad mini, Apple's forthcoming iPad 5 is expected to shed a few millimetres from its surrounding bezel in order to provide users with the same 9.7-inch screen in an overall smaller tablet. Now, one new video shows iDevice users exactly how the next-generation iPad could look when compared against the iPad 4, and the results are impressive. Based on an iPad 5 front panel and housing, the video demonstrates how the next-generation iPad can be held in one single hand. In terms of dimensions, the iPad 5 appears to be slightly thinner than its predecessor, however in terms of width, the fifth-generation table is expected to be just under 0.6-inches less when compared against the iPad 4. Here's the video, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Apple is holding an iPhone media event on Sept. 10, and it could be that the Cupertino, Calif. company unveils its line of next-generation iPads then. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Could Apple's 16-GB iPhone 5 Remain As Mid-Tier iDevice From Sept. 28?First Passport Update Lets You Easily Find Your Friends On, and Apple Updates Its iLife Suite For iOS Ahead Of iOS 7.

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