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New Updates To eBay's iPhone And iPad Apps Bring iOS 7 Redesign Plus Much More

New Updates To eBay's iPhone And iPad Apps Bring iOS 7 Redesign Plus Much More

September 18, 2013
Ahead of the launch of iOS 7 tomorrow, eBay has released updates to its official iPhone and iPad apps that bring iOS 7-inspired UI enhancements along with a number of new features. The latest update to eBay for iPhone brings the following:
  • New look and feel for iOS 7
  • Many search improvements make it easier to find the items you need
  • Swipe to see search options
  • Enhancements to saved searches/sellers
  • Sellers, we have improved the upload speed when posting items for sale
  • Support for seller store categories
  • Edit your shipping address from your profile screen
  • Remove single items from your recent search history. (yay)
  • Improved currency conversions for our international customers.
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements
As for the latest update to eBay for iPad, it's decidedly more feature-packed. Perhaps the most significant new feature of eBay for iPad is Night Mode. This gives you the flexibility to switch, either automatically or manually, to a subdued black theme for easier viewing at night or in a dark environment. The new version of eBay for iPad also features: a new global navigation toolbar; an improved activity stream with unified reminders, messages, and notifications; and pull-to-refresh gesture support for more areas in the app, including Homescreen and View Item. Moreover, the newly updated eBay for iPad includes the following improvements for buyers:
  • Faster Search: Tapping any search refinement runs a new, live search result with immediate feedback.
  • Need to say something special? You can now leave a note to the seller during the checkout flow.
  • Like what you bought? Making another purchase is as easy as tapping “Buy Another”.
  • Ever wonder where your item is shipping from? Display that item location on a map.
  • Don't miss out: Push notifications now remind you when items in your Shopping Cart are about to end.
  • Stay organized: You can once again delete individual recent searches.
And it also includes the following improvements for sellers:
  • Extend your reach: Sellers in the US can now opt-into eBay's Global Shipping Program.
  • Zero-day Handling Times: A handling time of "zero" can now be specified for those ultra-fast shippers.
  • Stay tidy: From the My eBay Selling section, sold and unsold items may be deleted.
The new versions of eBay for iPhone and eBay for iPad are available now in the App Store for free. For more apps recently redesigned for iOS 7, check out Kickstarter For iPhone Backs iOS 7's Design Through Latest Update, Video Cooking Magazine App Panna Cooks Mouthwatering UI Update For iOS 7, and Fun Photo-Editing App Moonfrye Updated With iOS 7 Enhancements And More. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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