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Rdio Users Can Now Access 15 Twitter #Music-Generated Playlists

Rdio Users Can Now Access 15 Twitter #Music-Generated Playlists

September 15, 2013
It seems that Twitter #music, the Twitter-powered music discovery service, has made its way to Rdio. As such, users of Rdio's Web app, desktop apps, and mobile apps (including its iOS app) can now access the new Twitter #music charts, which include a 139-song "Superstars Chart," and a 140-song "Popular Chart" and "Rock Chart." In total, 15 Twitter #music-powered charts are now available to listen in to Rdio. The news appropriately hit the Web in a Twitter update from the official Twitter #music (@TwitterMusic) account: All 15 of Rdio's Twitter #music-powered playlists are continuously updating, meaning users of the music streaming service are going to be able to access the latest and greatest tracks enjoyed by users of the micro-blogging social network. Rdio can be downloaded in the App Store free of charge, and a free standalone Twitter #music app is also available. To view the 15 Twitter #music charts in Rdio, click this link. For more of our recent news, see: Apple's iOS 7 Software Update Sees Siri Finally Exit Public BetaQuirky App Of The Day: Buy Low And Sell High In Pawn Stars, and Today's Best Apps: Metegol And Marvin For iPhone And iPod touch.

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